Project Experience

jail cell block, county jail, Tipton County, Sheriff's Office, Corrections Center, Securitecture Architecture & Design



Rescued the County's previously scrapped, overbudget project to complete new design and construction of 35,788 s.f. in 16.5 months.

Putnam County Jail interior, increased capacity, budget-conscious



Increased capacity with only few additional staff and incremental operational cost increase.



Adaptive reuse to create a community center ultimately led to greater downtown revitalization efforts.



Fast-track design to convey school aesthetic and also complement adjacent buildings.



Integration of various communications centers into one central facility designed to withstand physical attack, extreme weather, and fire.



26,000 s.f. police facility designed to complete the municipal public service campus.



Within-budget facility housing state-of-the-art fire station equipment for aircraft and facility emergency response.



Courts, judicial offices, storage and archives, and secure holding areas within historically-complementary design.



Design updates, renovation, and historic restoration necessary for functionality and operational efficiency.

Project Leadership

Principal Architect, Lead Designer, Consultant, Master Planner

As part of prior organizations and in partnership with numerous firms, Joe Mrak has served on the following projects in varying leadership roles, including principal architect, lead designer, justice and security consultant, and master planning lead.
* Indicates part of jail project

Jails / Detention Centers
Allegan County MI Jail
Bartholomew County Jail Addition and Renovation
Berrien County Jail Intake and Release Center
Blackford County Jail
Branch County MI Jail
Brown County Public Safety Building
Cass County Jail
Clark County Jail Addition and Renovation
Daviess County Security Center
Daviess County Security Center Addition and Renovation
Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center
Delta County Jail and Sheriff’s Office
Elkhart County Detention Center
Floyd County IN Jail Expansion and Renovation
Franklin County TN Jail
Fulton County Security Center
Grant County Security Center Addition and Renovation
Hamilton County Jail North Addition – Intake and Support
Hamilton County Jail South Addition – Sheriff’s Office
Hamilton County Old Jail Conversion
Harrison County Justice Center
Hendricks County Jail Addition and Renovation
Hendry County FL Jail Addition
Howard County Criminal Justice Center
Jackson County Jail and Juvenile Center
Jasper County Jail
Jay County Security Center
Jefferson County Jail
Jefferson County Women’s Dormitory Renovation
Johnson County Jail Addition and Renovation
Kalamazoo County Jail Addition and Renovation
Kane County IL Jail Conversion
Knox County Jail
Lake County Jail Addition and Renovation
Lake County Jail DOJ Compliance Renovation
Lake County IL Secure Detention Conversion
Livingston County Jail Addition and Renovation
Lawrence County Security Center
Marion County Jail II
Marion County Arrestee Processing Center
Marion County TN Justice Center
Miami County Jail
Montgomery County Jail Addition and Renovation
Newton County Security Center and Courts
Owen County Security Center
Posey County Jail Addition and Renovation
Pulaski County Jail Renovation
Pulaski County Justice Center
Putnam County FL Jail Addition
Rhea County TN Jail
Richland County IL Jail Addition
Ripley County Justice Center
Scott County Security Center
Scott County Jail Addition
Tippecanoe County Law Enforcement Building
Tipton County Jail Renovation
Tipton County Sheriff’s Office and Correction Center
Warrick County Security Center
Washington County Jail Addition and Renovation
Wells County Jail Renovation
Wilson County TN Jail

State Prison Facilities
Indiana State Prison
– Arsenal
– Prisoner Dining Room
– Master Plan
– South Sally Port
Indiana State Farm
– Infirmary
– Guard Towers
– Perimeter Security
Indiana Women’s Prison
– Medium Security Dormitory
– Industries Building
– Recreation Building
Lois DeBerry TN Transportation Hub

Work Release / Community Corrections Facilities
Bartholomew County Work Release Facility*
Daviess County Work Release Facility*
Decatur County Sheriff’s Work Release Facility
Dubois County Community Corrections Center
Fayette County Work Release Center
Grant County Work Release Center*
Hamilton County Community Corrections Facility
Jasper County Work Release Center
Lake County IL Work Release Center*
Posey County Community Corrections & Work Release Center*
Rutherford County Correctional Work Center

Juvenile Centers
Champaign County IL Youth Detention Center
Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center
Grant County Juvenile Detention Center
Hamilton County Juvenile Services Center
Howard County Robert J. Kinsey Youth Center
Jackson County Juvenile Center*
Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home
Marion County Juvenile Detention Center MEP Renovations
Porter County Youth Services Center
Rutherford County Juvenile Services Center
Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village Detention Unit
Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village Cottage “K”

County Law Enforcement Centers
Blackford County Sheriff’s Department*
Branch County MI Sheriff’s Office*
Brown County Sheriff’s Department*
Cass County Sheriff’s Department*
Daviess County Sheriff’s Department*
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department*
Decatur County Sheriff’s Office
Delta County Sheriff’s Office*
Franklin County TN Sheriff’s Office*
Fulton County Sheriff’s Department*
Grant County Sheriff’s Department*
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department*
Harrison County Sheriff’s Department*
Howard County Sheriff’s Department*
Jackson County Sheriff’s Department*
Jasper County Sheriff’s Department*
Jay County Sheriff’s Department*
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department*
Knox County Sheriff’s Department*
Lake County FL Sheriff’s Substation
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department*
Marion County TN Sheriff’s Office*
Marshall County Sheriff’s Department*
Owen County Sheriff’s Department*
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department*
Rhea County TN Sheriff’s Office*
Scott County Sheriff’s Office*
Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department*
Tipton County Sheriff’s Office*
Warrick County Sheriff’s Department*
Washington County Sheriff’s Department*
Will County IL Sheriff’s Substation

Municipal Public Safety Facilities—Combined Police & Fire
Noblesville Public Safety Building
Westfield Public Safety Building
Tavares FL Public Safety Building

Municipal Public Safety Facilities—Police
Fishers Police Station
Greencastle Police Station
Hammond Justice Center
Hobart Police Station
Kokomo Police Station
Plainfield Police Station
Peru Police Station
Portage Police Station
Valparaiso Police Station
West Lafayette Police Station
Zionsville Police Station

Municipal Public Safety Facilities—Fire
Fishers Fire Station No. 91 Addition
Fishers Fire Station No. 92 Addition and Renovation
Fishers Fire Station No. 93
Fishers Fire Station No. 94
Fishers Fire Station No. 95
Fishers Fire Station No. 96
Indianapolis International Airport—Fire Station No. 1
Tekonsa Township Fire Station Preliminary Design
Union Township Fire Station
Warren Township Fire Station No. 443

Communications Centers
Blackford County 911 Center*
Brown County 911 Center*
Cass County 911 Center*
Daviess County 911 Center*
Dearborn County 911 Center*
DeKalb County Central Communications Center
Hamilton County Consolidated 911 Communications Center*
Harrison County Communications Center
Jackson County 911 Center*
Jasper County Communications Center*
Marshall County 911 Center*
Pulaski County 911 Center*
Tippecanoe County 911 Center*

Court Facilities
Berrien County Courthouse Holding Facilities
Cass County Courthouse Renovation
Dearborn County Courthouse Security
Delta County Courthouse Holding Facilities
Montgomery County Courthouse Security
Grant County Courthouse Security
Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center
Harrison County Courthouse Renovation
Harrison County Superior Court*
Henry County Justice Center
Jasper County Courthouse Renovation
Johnson County Courthouse Renovation
Montgomery County Courthouse Security
Okaloosa County Crestview Courthouse
Pulaski County Superior Court*
Rhea County TN Courts Facility*
Washington County Superior Court Addition and Renovation*

County Administration Facilities
Grant County Annex
Harrison County Government Center
Lake County Government Center Renovation
Newton County Government Annex Building

Municipal City/Town Halls & Administration Facilities
Fishers Town Hall Build Out
Kokomo City Hall
Peru City Hall
Westfield Town Hall Renovation
Zionsville Town Hall
Zionsville Municipal Services Facility

Feasibility Studies / Masterplans
Allegan County MI Courthouse Masterplan
Antrim County Government Facilities Master Plan
Barry County Jail Feasibility Study
Bartholomew County Jail Addition & Renovation Feasibility Study
Benzie County Courts and Government Offices Master Plan
Branch County Jail and Sheriff’s Office Feasibility Study
Brown County Law Enforcement Building Feasibility Study
Calhoun County MI Sheriff’s Office Masterplan
Cass County Government Center Master Plan
Cicero Municipal Facilities Master Plan
Clay County Jail Feasibility Study
Crawford County Jail and Justice Center Feasibility Study
Daviess County Jail Feasibility Study
Dearborn County Jail Feasibility Study
Dearborn County Justice Strategic Master Plan
Dearborn County YES Home
Delta County Jail Feasibility Study
Desoto County FL Expansion Study
Floyd County Jail Expansion Study
Fort Walton Beach FL City Facilities Masterplan
Gadsden County FL Federal Hold Facility Feasibility Study
Greene County Jail Expansion and Renovation Study
Hamilton County Corrections Campus Master Plan 2006 &  2015
Hammond Police Station Renovation Study
Harrison County Justice Center Feasibility Study
Harrison County Government Facilities Master Plan
Hardee County FL Jail Expansion Study
Hendry County FL Jail Addition Feasibility Study
Hendry County FL Jail Replacement Masterplan
Hobart City Facilities Strategic Planning, Programming & Conceptual Design
Houghton County Jail Feasibility Study
Howard County Jail and Juvenile Center Feasibility Study
Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security Regional E.O.C. Study
Jackson County Jail and Juvenile Center Feasibility Study
Jefferson County Jail Addition & Renovation Feasibility Study
Jennings County Jail Feasibility Study
Kalamazoo County Jail Expansion Master Plan
Lake County 911 Consolidation Facilities Study
Lake County IL Secure Detention Master Plan
Lake County IL Work Release Renovation Feasibility Study
Lawrence County IL Jail Feasibility Study
Livingston County Jail Expansion Masterplan
Marion County TN Justice Center Feasibility Study
Miami County Jail Pre-design Study
Montgomery County Jail Addition Feasibility Study
Morgan County Jail Feasibility Study
Muskegon County MI Jail & Juvenile Center Feasibility Study
Noblesville City Hall and Police Station Feasibility Study
Okeechobee County FL Jail Addition & Renovation Feasibility Study
Owen County Jail Feasibility Study
Putnam County Jail Feasibility Study
Putnam County Jail FL Addition Feasibility Study
Rhode Island Juvenile Correctional Facility Master Plan
Richland County Jail Addition Feasibility Study
Ripley County Justice Center Feasibility Study
Rush County Jail Feasibility Study
Rutherford County TN Work House & Juvenile Detention Study
Sanilac County MI Jail Feasibility Study
Schoolcraft County MI Jail Feasibility Study
Scott County Jail Addition and Renovation Feasibility Study
Shiawassee County Jail Feasibility Study
Switzerland County Jail Feasibility Study
Tipton County Jail Feasibility Study
Valparaiso Police Station Strategic Plan, Program & Conceptual Design Study
Wabash County Jail Feasibility Study
Walton County FL Training Center Master Plan
Waukesha County WI Courthouse Prisoner Movement Study
Wayne County Jail Feasibility Study
Wells County Jail Expansion Feasibility Study
Westfield Strategic Programming & Conceptual Design Study
West Lafayette Strategic Programming & Conceptual Design Study
Wexford County MI Jail Feasibility Study
Will County IL Adult Detention Center Strategic Masterplan
Wilson County Training Center Master Plan
Zionsville Strategic Programming & Conceptual Design Study